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Unless otherwise noted, specification provided on this page have not been balloted and approved by the members of the Wireless Innovation Forum.

SCA Specifications and Standards are replicated here with the permission of the JTNC. While every attempt has been made to ensure synchronization with the JTNC web portal, users are encouraged to visit the JTNC Website ( for the absolute latest in public releases. Other specifications are provided herein with permission of the originating organizations as a benefit to the community.

SCA 4.1

Complete SCA 4.1 Specification
SCA 4.1 Appendix F Attachment 1 (Members Only) usage note
Forum Endorsement of SCA 4.1 (WINNF-15-R-0085-V1.0.0)
SCA 4.1 Applications Verification Plan (WINNF-TS-4002-V1.0.0)
SCA 4.1 Applications Verification Procedure (WINNF-TS-4001-V1.0.0)

SCA 2.2.2 Specification

SCA Version 2.2.2
SCA Version 2.2.2 - Appendix A (Glossary)
SCA Version 2.2.2 - Appendix B (AEP)
   SCA Extensions (AEP)
SCA Version 2.2.2 - Appendix C (IDL)   
   Appendix C Attachment 1

   IDL Individual Files: SCA 2.2.2 IDL
SCA Version 2.2.2 - Appendix D (Domain Profile)
   Domain Profile Individual Files: SCA 2.2.2 DTD
SCA Version 2.2.2 - Appendix D (Common Properties) Attachment
SCA Version 2.2.2 - Appendix D (Domain Profile) Readme Attachment
SCA Version 2.2.2 Extensions

Forum Endorsement of JTRS SCA 2.2.2 (SDRF-08-R-0006-V1.0.0)

SCA 2.2.2 Test Suite

The Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) transferred the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) v2.2.2 test procedures and JTNC Test Application (JTAP) to the Wireless Innovation Forum to share with the SCA development community.

The JTNC utilized the SCA v2.2.2 test procedures and the JTAP as part of the product evaluation procedure. Note that although the JTNC does not provide an SCA v2.2.2 Conformance Certification process, the SCA test procedures and JTAP may be utilized to assess product conformance with the SCA requirements. The results gathered through execution of the test procedures should serve as evidence of product conformance, but in order to guarantee the product meets all of the identified acceptance criteria, product developers will need to work with the product procurer or a designated certification authority. The JTNC does not provide a guarantee of accuracy nor ongoing support of the SCA test procedures or JTAP. Please contact WInnF for assistance with any issues.

The SCA v2.2.2 automated test procedures utilize the R Check SCA tool for Application Environment Profile (AEP) validation; however, the R Check SCA tool is no longer commercially available and is not included with this distribution due to contractual restrictions.

The SCA v2.2.2 manual test procedures are available for applications, operating environments, and radio services and cover all of the SCA requirements in lieu of JTAP.

JTAP Components:

JTNC SCA 2.2.2 Requirements and Manual Test Procedures:

SCA Referenced Specification:

JTNC Application Programming Interfaces

AudioPortDevice API, v. 1.3.4, 29 July 2010
Device IO API, v. 1.0.2, 5 May 2010
Device IOControl API, v. 1.1.1, 29 March 2007
Device IOSignals API, v. 1.1.1, 29 March 2007
DeviceMessageControl API, v. 1.1.3, 31 March 2008
DevicePacket API, v. 1.1.1, 29 March 2007
DevicePacketSignals API, v. 1.2.2, 2 April 2008
DeviceSimplePacketSignals API, v. 1.1.2, 2 April 2008
EthernetDevice API, v. 1.2.2, 31 March 2008
FrequencyReferenceDevice API, 1.0.3, 22 October 2008
GpsDevice API, v. 2.1.2, 30 May 2008
JTRS CORBA Types, v. 1.0.2, 2 April 2008
MHAL API, v. 3, 2 October 2013
Packet API, v. 2.0.2, 2 April 2008
SerialPortDevice API, v. 2.1.4, 26 June 2013
TimingService API, v. 1.4.4, 26 June 2013
VocoderService API, v. 1.3.3, 26 June 2013
MOCB API, v. 1.1.5, 26 June 2013
JTRS Platform Adapter Interface Specification, v. 1.3.3, 26 June 2013

WInnForum APIs

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