Tactical Communications Standards


The TCS project is for software defined radio stakeholders and users who seek standardized procedures that can be followed to provide innovative solutions that meet the changing expectations of users.

The Working Group will:

  • study the available software frameworks that exist (e.g. SCA, OMS and FACE) and identify complementary features, overlaps and potential integration points, leveraging the expertise that WInnForum has developed within SCA, but also those who have knowledge of the other frameworks;
  • identify alternative architectural approaches such as hardware waveforms used within wireless communications devices (e.g. radios, etc.);
  • develop a set of requirements and scenarios that would need to be satisfied to have a viable product that would warrant the definition of a new specification, and
  • develop a white paper that reviews and validates the emerging requirements.


  • Group Chairs: Kevin Richardson (MITRE)


Approved Project Plan:
February 2019
Project Complete: